Settling In After 22 Years

One  step into Settle Therapy Center and the therapy starts. Peggy Settle,  who founded the Center 22 years ago, says being greeted by things like  sounds of nature, spiritual imagery, and essential oils is all very  intentional. “Engaging and calming the senses helps open patients up to  the holistic therapy journey.”

“Some  patients enjoy arriving a little early. They come in, sit down, and get  collected. I welcome that. This is a place where people can feel safe,  gather themselves, and get re-energized,” said Peggy. 

Peggy  Settle has a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. She originally received  her certified massage therapist status in Colorado and later became a  licensed massage therapist in Colorado and South Dakota. Peggy blends  her massage therapy with training in craniosacral therapy (CST), myofascial and soft tissue release, and emotional freedom technique (also known as tapping). 

Patients  of Settle Therapy Center understand it to be more than simply somewhere  to go when you need therapeutic treatment for a physical issue. It’s a  place for people who are open to physical, emotional, and spiritual  therapy practices.

“Professionalism  and confidentiality is key. Both exists here. There is also the belief  in God. It’s not a matter that we preach about God. But people feel  comfortable talking about God. My patients allow themselves to let go of  some things that cause them difficulties. It’s a strong part of the  therapy,” says Peggy.

“Massage  is a rewarding part of my practice. And I also treat body, mind, and  spirit. As I listen and talk to them, there’s usually an emotional  component. With the training I have, I can assist them, We don’t just  treat your shoulder that is hurting. Because the shoulder is usually not  the issue. The shoulder is the symptom and the problem is somewhere  else in the body.”

Her  daughter, Patty Helgeland, represents the next chapter of Settle  Therapy Center. Having practiced occupational therapy for 25 years,  Patty is excited to join efforts with her mom. 

Patty laughs as she proclaims, “Peggy has been trying to recruit me for several years!” 

Patty  has her masters in occupational therapy and has recently become a  certified massage therapist. In addition, Patty has training in swedish  massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and reflexology.

“I’ve  worked mostly with elderly people. That’s a real love of mine. They  have so much to offer with their wisdom and experiences. I can learn  from them and they can learn from me,” says Patty.  “Occupational  Therapy moves beyond working with a patient’s physical ailments. I work  with the patient on all levels. Pain and the journey of healing pain  involves a blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual therapy. I  believe that’s where I can help. I am able to listen and work with my  patients to become stronger as a whole.” 

Patty’s  definition of an ideal patient is someone who wants to get better,  believes they can get better, has a positive outlook on the process, and  will follow through on suggested exercises, stretching or activities  that can help promote the healing process.

Peggy  describes her ideal patient by saying, “If it’s important to them to  hold on to their pain, they aren’t going to cooperate with whatever  therapy you can provide. So the ideal patient is someone who wants to  get rid of the pain and feels you have the skills to help them.”

Peggy  goes on to say, “Patty and I both feel tissue. Being able to feel the  tissue allows us to go in and work with the tissue, helping heal it  versus simply moving the tissue around.”

Peggy Settle-Kenefick

B.S., CMT, LMT, Rapid Eye Technician, Thought Field Therapy 

Patty Helgeland

M.S., Occupational Therapy, CMT